If You Give Me Money, I’m Just Going to Buy Alcohol With It.

Recently, whenever a conversation about giving to homeless people comes up, someone inevitably brings up one of two things (or both): 1. They’re just going to buy alcohol/cigarettes/drugs with it. 2. How many “homeless” people are just pretending to be homeless so they can make a living off of other people’s money? Naturally, this holds people back from giving to others. It’s hard to give away your money when you really have no idea where it’s going. I’ve been guilty of this myself on many occasions. This attitude reflected my actions for years of my life. Thoughts like this about the person on the corner holding the sign make it that much easier not to pull out our wallets. I’ve heard several people say that rather than giving a man or woman money, they’ll run across the street and buy them a meal. This is absolutely wonderful, and I commend anyone who does … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Bikinis – Mormon Culture

“I want a swimsuit like that, mom!” Cici, 7, pointed at a teenage girl in a striped bikini. “No Cici,” replied Cici’s mother, “that girl is immodest.” “Well can I have one when I’m older?” “No, honey, you should never wear a swimsuit like that, no matter how old you are.” “Then why is she wearing one?” “She shouldn’t be, Cici. She’s very misguided. She’s more concerned with getting the attention of boys than she is with showing respect to Heavenly Father.” 6 years later Sharon, 38, reached for the remote and turned down the television. “What’s that, honey?” she asked. “I’m going to spend the day with my friends,” replied Stacey, Sharon’s 14 year old daughter and only child. Sharon recalled that just a few days after the family had moved to Utah, the next-door neighbors had come over to welcome them to the neighborhood, and they happened to … Continue reading

Dealing With Stereotypes – Mormon Culture

Stereotypes aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  They can actually be very useful. Sometimes, when someone looks a certain way (tattoos, for instance) they are trying to communicate something to everyone they meet (I’m a bada**, don’t mess with me). But sometimes (most times) tattoos are just tattoos. Here’s the thing: stereotypes should make us careful, not judgmental or rude. If a shady looking guy knocks on my door, yes, I’m much less likely to unhook the chain than if the visitor is a girl scout. This is being careful. However, if the two tried to engage me in a conversation at the grocery store, I’m not going to automatically start giving the shady guy dirty looks and walk away. We hear the old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” all the time, but do we live by it? On a mission for the LDS church you talk … Continue reading

R-Rated Movies Aren’t Bad – Mormon Culture

Well, okay, they definitely aren’t necessarily good, but they aren’t necessarily bad either. Don’t get the wrong idea. The last thing I want to do is convince people to start watching R-rated movies. So, please don’t start this article if you don’t intend on finishing it. You may get the wrong idea. You’re trying to be a good Latter-Day Saint in a world filled with nudity, sex (yes, sex is okay to say, even if you’re “Mormon”), violence, and gore. I’m not saying you should expose your kids, or even yourself for that matter to inappropriate content. I’m simply saying that we have lost all our bearings when it comes to figuring out what is inappropriate or not. In a world like ours, in a time like today, MPAA ratings mean almost nothing when you’re trying to be a good member of The Church, and trying to raise your children … Continue reading

Phone Games in Church

You know what really helps me focus during sacrament meeting? Games on my phone. I’m being serious. I have a really short attention span. If I look up at the speaker and try to listen, my thoughts will be light-years away before you can say Attention Deficit Disor– Is the bishop asleep? That suit is too big for him. What is the ward clerk doing with his tie? You get the point. I’m not the only one. I’ve talked to plenty of people that have told me that playing games, drawing, etc. help them focus when they’re trying to listen. I can listen to an audiobook while I’m mowing the lawn or doing a puzzle, but if I try to just sit there and listen to an audiobook I won’t last 30 seconds. People have also told me that drawing or playing a game is a good way to stay … Continue reading

Instead of Arguing About Politics Today…

Politics are important. Staying informed is important. Voting is important. But there’s a difference between staying informed, and whining like a schoolgirl. If we replaced all the time we spent arguing about politics and bashing politicians with time spent helping out other people and doing charity work, we would do more for this nation than any President could ever do or undo. Today, every time you’re about to talk about something someone else is doing wrong, instead, stop, and go do something right. That’s all.  

The Sex Taboo Needs to Stop – Mormon Culture

I’d like to be able to describe to you a specific situation that prompted me to write this post. I can’t. As Latter-Day Saints, our ignorance about sexual topics is rampant, and it gets to the point that it makes me sick. I feel like I’m about to drop a bomb: Sex is not a satanic ritual. Sex is one of our greatest gifts from God. It is the ability to express love to one’s spouse in an extremely unique and powerful way. It is the ability to create the bodies that house Heavenly Father’s spirit children; to create families; to replenish the Earth with His greatest creation. As a Latter-Day Saint, sex is a very unique topic. The biggest reason for this is that sex is the one thing in our lives that is a huge sin until one day (marriage) it just isn’t anymore. In fact, after marriage, it … Continue reading